Kristy holds two Masters Degrees. One in Teaching English as a Second Language and the other in Global and International Education. She has traveled to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador,  Dominican Republic, South Africa, Canada and Mexico.

Kristy Herring

March 2004 – MBM sponsored its first missions trip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico


April 2005– MBM forges a partnership with Dayspring Outreach resulting in annual  trips to La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


October 2007 – MBM partners with Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries to start a sponsorship program at the Sinethemba Child Care Center in  Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

July 2008- MBM hosts its first youth trip and travels to Dr. Arroyo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


July 2010  - Working in partnership with the Riverdale Teacher Exchange program. MBM travels to Ipala, Guatemala and builds a relationship with Sinai Christian School.

January 2011- MBM sponsors the Raise 150 Campaign for Ambassadors for Jesus Orphanage in Port- Au-Prince, Haiti

July 2012- MBM funded its first community Dollar Store

April 2013- MBM hosted its first annual health fair in La Haciendita

December 2015- MBM received its first grant from Seyfarth Shaw.

June 2016- MBM took its first trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and partnered with Ambassadors for Christ.  

MBM continues to partner with churches and other community organizations on projects aimed at fostering sustainable growth within impoverished communities.

A NOTE FROM OUR founder/ executive director

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others ~ Ghandi



Why and How... we do what we do.

ministry BEYOND myself

our history

"Ten years ago when the Lord whispered in my ear Ministry Beyond Myself I never imagined that those words would take shape and my life would be transformed. From Mexico to South Africa and all the stops in between, I have seen how God can use just one person who is committed to acts of service to  positively interrupt the course of a community. When I consider what He has done and all that I anticipate that He shall do, I am fully persuaded that as a member of the church-His body, I am charged to do ministry beyond myself. What about you?

K. Herring

The will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you. Where is He leading you?

MBM is committed to providing every believer with  opportunities to engage in local and global acts of service so that the church's  impact can be far-reaching and truly effective.

The 5 Ws