Beyond C2 envisions an increase in the participation  

 rates of students in cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary

 service learning experiences while helping to meet the

 needs of developing communities.

 To offer annual international, national and local service learning

 projects to students in order to provide economic and human

 resources to developing communities to support their self-

 sufficiency and long-term economic growth. 

      Engaging in Authentic Service Experiences...

Beyond the Classroom...Beyond the Campus

 More Than  


 Authentic service is more than painting a room, working

 on a construction site or digging a well.  Authentic    

 service demands relationship building and  fosters

 higher ordered learning. It engages a multidisciplinary

 approach to solve local, national and international


                First observe, then SERVE~
Sister Linda Burton

 Learn to Serve---- Serve to Learn...

“As a teenager, I had to learn how to serve-be kind, not condescending, patient, loving and available... Now as an adult, I serve in order to learn, Serving has  afforded me the opportunity to gain new perspectives, to explore unfamiliar solutions, to appreciate cultural differences, to see a bigger picture and to think globally".-

 Kristy Herring,  ED, Beyond C2

3Reasons Why You Should Serve With US

  1. Relationship Building  is our supreme goal!

  2. We believe in a collaborative approach!

  3. We engage in projects that will have  long term

     social,  educational or economic impact


 To  engage in multidisciplinary projects and explore the cultures,  economic, political and social structures  of another country, firsthand is a privilege  that only few have enjoyed  You need incubators to apply knowledge to make practical application of the truths and ideas that you have gathered in  the classroom. What better way to do that than through engaging in a collaborative project that is designed to improve the lives of others. With  BC2,  you can have that experience.  

                                                                              Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.” 
                                                                                                                                                                          ― Horace Mann

Go Beyond...

From now on, any definition of a successful life must include serving others~ George Bush

ministry BEYOND myself

Beyond the Classroom...

                    Beyond the Campus

 Your educational experience cannot be limited to the classroom.  

 It  must also take place beyond the classroom within

 communities and across cultures both locally and globally-

 across national and international borders providing you with 

 opportunities to learn about the  economic, social and

 educational problems  of developing communities and

 collaborate with  community memebers to develop solutions.

 Every man, woman, boy and girl should have access to diverse

 educational opportunities, affordable and safe housing, quality

 healthcare, clean water and nutritious food. YOU can help them

 attain it by joining one of BC2's collaborative teams TODAY!