I am only one,  but I am still one.

I cannot do everything, but still I can do SOMETHING.

I will not refuse to do something I CAN DO. 

 Helen Keller

BEYONDER campaign 

 educational sponsorship program 

DOnate ANY AMount TO Support any mbm cause of your choice

Mirlange Simeon

Mirlange is a dental student. She is studying to be an orthodontist. She is a Haitian who grew up as an orphan.  Mirlange currently lives in the Ambassadors for Jesus Children's Home in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with 22 other children and young adults.This opportunity to attend the university and get a degree is transforming her life.  She has a bright future awaiting her. With  one year of school remaining, she needs sponsors who are willing and committed to help pay her monthly tuition of  $150 and other expenses related to books and materials for her clinics. She is scheduled to graduate May, 2019.  She can do it with our help! PLEASE GIVE!   

Crystal Brown-Ukah CareVolution Cares Scholarship-

In honor of Crystal, we desire to sponsor a health care provider ( who like Crystal is committed to providing loving care through the gift of touch) who will serve with us in a developing community. We desire to offer a $400 scholarship each year so PLEASE GIVE!


Give $100, $250 or $500 to help a woman start a micro-business in Mexico. Unemployment in Haciendita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico is over 50%. Women need home businesses to provide for their families.


  During our visit in  March we were able to purchase the materials and pay workers to

  construct the water tower. Construction is completed

The Orchard- Purchased 140 trees!

 For a one-time gift of $10, purchase a tree to provide jobs, food and income to   

 families in Haciendita. 

 Provide a scholarship to a young adult who wants to serve in a developing community
 on a  short term trip.


 Make a donation of any amount to help support vision screenings, eye glass distribution, blood             pressure screening, glucose monitoring, and food distribution.   


Ministry Beyond Myself's Pledge To You- 

MBM pledges to be  an exemplary steward of every donation. All funds received for projects are faithfully used in the  designated community

 We are accountable to those who have partnered with us to help transform the lives of families around  the world. 

 This year, we are providing educational sponsorship to 15 children in the Dominican Republic. Each month school fees have to be paid in order for each child to attend school.    If these fees are not paid, the children are denied admittance.   For $22 per month for 10 months, you can send a child to school. Without an education, these children

   will remain in poverty. We cannot let this happen. Help us respond to this need!  

​                                                                                                                   SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY!!

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