​​Ministry Beyond Myself's Pledge To You- 

MBM pledges to be  an exemplary steward of every donation. All funds received for projects are faithfully used in the  designated community

 We are accountable to those who have partnered with us to help transform the lives of families around  the world. 


To make a general donation via CashAPP use- $khmbm

Donations to not orphans via CashAPP - $notorphans


When giving via PayPal, please ensure that your settings are set for donation and not for the purchase of a good or service. In so doing, we can avoid paying a fee on your donation.

ministry BEYOND myself

I am only one,  but I am still one.

I cannot do everything, but still I can do SOMETHING.

I will not refuse to do something I CAN DO. 

 Helen Keller

Completed Projects! ​​

Mirlange Simeon

Mirlange has GRADUATED from dental school! She is now Dr. Simeon. She is a Haitian who grew up as an orphan.  Mirlange currently lives in the Ambassadors for Jesus Children's Home in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with 22 other children and young adults.This opportunity has transformed her life.  She has a bright future awaiting her. Thank you to all who supported her financially and with your prayers through this journey! To God be the Glory!

​​​​The Orchard- Purchased 140 trees!

 For a one-time gift of $10, purchase a tree to provide jobs, food and income to families in Haciendita. 

  During our visit in  March we were able to purchase the materials and pay workers to construct the water tower. Construction is completed.


COVID-19 Relief- Mexico 

During this pandemic our friends in Mexico are struggling to eat and care for their families. Many are unemployed and do not access to resources to meet their needs. Please help us help them during this unprecedented time. Feel free to give any amount.  $12 per week allows us to feed a family for the entire week. Please GIVE!

Laptops for Students - La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon Mexico

Primary and secondary school students in Haciendita need laptops. Many students have been out of school most of this school year because they have not had access to virtual learning. Families in rural Mexico have a daily income of approximately $4 per day. Nonetheless, parents are financially obligated for the daily operation of their child's school (the government pays teachers' salaries.) As such, there are limited resources. With your help, we can purchase laptops for the 50 primary and secondary students. 

Ambassadors of Christ Orphanage (AOC)- Dominican Republic

13 Haitian and Dominican children live at the AOC Orphanage. Without financial assistance, the children at the Ambassadors for Christ Orphanage will not be able to attend school. In addition to monthly school fees, they need uniforms, shoes, and books.  Annual registration and exam fees have to be paid as well for each of the children. For $30 a month, you can become a sponsor and transform a child's life!
Give via Cash APP @ $notorphans  OR                           via Paypal !

Crystal BROWN UKAH CareVolution Cares Scholarship

In honor of Crystal, we desire to sponsor a health care provider ( who like Crystal is committed to providing loving care through the gift of touch) who will serve with us in a developing community. We desire to offer a $400 scholarship each year so PLEASE GIVE!

BEYOND C2 Scholarships-

Donate to a scholarship fund for youth to participate in short-term internation service projects.