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not orphans is an educational sponsorship program for orphaned and vulnerable children in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

According to SOS Children's Village, there are approximately 570 million children living in poverty. Over 140 million children have been orphaned. It will take our collective response to address the critical needs of these children. They need care, food, shelter, educational support, freedom from violence, and healthcare.  The Coronavirus pandemic has uncovered and heightened the disparities that  plagued the lives of vulnerable children. With mandated shut downs, parents are unable to work. In many countries, families are left now to truly fend for themselves. Social service programs- food credits and other types of financial support are non-existent. Unemployed workers are not receiving unemployment insurance. Families have been left destitute. Children are suffering.

Our Global Response

La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

In Mexico, schools buildings have been shuttered.   Instruction will be provided virtually. This is wonderful for those who have access to the internet and own computers. However, in communities like La Haciendita, few have computers and access to the internet is expensive.  Pre COVID-19, families only earned $4 a day. Internet access is a luxury in this community. Yet, without this access, approximately 90 children cannot attend school.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, children will return to the classroom this Fall. With limited government support, schools have increased tuition in order to accommodate the safety guidelines of the CDC. Without financial assistance, the children at the Ambassadors for Christ Orphanage will not be able to attend school. In addition to monthly tuition, they need uniforms, shoes, and books.  Registration fees have to be paid as well for each of the 13 children. 

Our Local Response

Throughout the United States, schools and other agencies have been working diligently to respond to the economic divide and meet the needs of the most vulnerable by providing low-income families with food, financial support, and internet access. We are grateful that our families have access to resources that families in global developing communities lack. However, there is still a need for academic support. Some parents are overwhelmed even by the notion of having to help their children academically. Some parents, because of language differences, are unable to help their children. 

Baltimore, Maryland 

In Baltimore, we hope to expand our efforts to families by providing remedial support to children struggling academically. We are developing partnerships with community schools to help meet some of the greatest needs. We are offering one-hour tutoring sessions twice a week in math, reading, science and social studies for students in grades kindergarten - 9th. 

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