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Santo Domingo


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Ambassadors for Jesus Orphanage

The orphanage is home to 20 children ages 5-15 and 3 young adults who are unemployed and trying to attend the university. The facility is slated for demolition because of hazardous conditions, but the church that is caring for the children does not have the funds to move to a better building. The church currently pays $350 per month. A safe fully functional facility, that would accommodate all of the children would be approximately $600-700 per month.

Mountain Living

About a hundred families live in a mountain area of Santo Domingo called La Abija.  Hundreds of children live in poverty.  Food is scarce and their basic needs often go unmet.  Educational opportunities are limited and the drop rate is high with many girls getting pregnant at 12. The one-room schoolhouse needs support as education is the primary way of changing the future of these children.

VillaMaee Church

The pastor of one of the Ambassadors for Jesus churches has taken 15 people into his two room home. In addition to his wife, there are 5 adults and 10 orphaned children. The church is unable to support them as it is 4 months behind on its rent and the electricity has already been turned off. 







Mirlange Simeon is a 24 year old dental technician student. She began her studies in 2015, but had to drop out because she did not have the funds to pay the $150.00 monthly tuition. In September 2016, we were able to provide funds for her to re-enroll and purchase books and materials. While we have been able to provide her monthly tuition, we are not able to provide the additional funds that are needed to cover the ongoing need for materials and supplies.   Some of the supplies that she needs are pictured  to the right. Any donation that you are able to make will assist with the purchase of materials and supplies for her scheduled labs. 


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