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The Crystal Brown-Ukah Scholarship will be awarded to any healthcare provider who is an  experienced loving touch therapist, who possesses basic administrative experience, and desires to  serve others in developing countries. The recipient must exhibit the heart of a servant whose faith is a driving force in sharing his/her gift of loving touch with patients and their families in countries where there is inadequate health care services for temporary and long term disabled individuals and those who are in hospice care.

The Crystal Brown- Ukah Scholarship will be awarded in perpetuity in honor of this great woman who valued the life of others more than her own and who taught us that true love is not hindered by cultural or linguistic differences. Through this scholarship her name and her legacy will resound throughout the world.
The current dollar amount of this award, which will be administrated by the governing body of Ministry Beyond Myself, is $400.  This award is eligible for future increases.  Decisions will be rendered by December 31st.

This is a one- time award; therefore, recipients are not eligible for future disbursements.   Awards will be disbursed annually to worthy individuals. The application deadline is October 1 of the prior calendar year in which applicants desire to serve abroad. 
Established by Ministry Beyond Myself on June 29, 2016
Kristy Herring, Founder & Executive Director  

Crystal Brown Ukah Medical Fund

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   3. Write a 500 word essay explaining why you should be the recipient of this scholarship.  Include your experience offering loving touch ministry to the disabled or those in hospice care. 

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   5. Decision letters will be sent by December 31st