• Providing  secondary and post-secondary students the opportunity to enhance their educational experience through global learning opportunities
  • Preparing high school and college students for careers in the global community.
  • Addressing  inequities  in developing communities locally and abroad. 
  • Helping women start small businesses, 
  • Helping children go to school, 
  • Sponsoring health fairs 
  • Partnering with sports advocates to provide baseball equipment to little league teams

Provide Training in Global Awareness
In order for the church to do effective ministry, it must be globally aware. MBM is committed to preparing churches to meet the 21st century needs of the global community. We offer one day seminars, six week training modules and resource materials to churches and para-church ministries.
Participants receive training in the following areas:

  •      21st Century Missions
  •     Cross Cultural Communication
  •     World Religions
  •     Target Country-History, Political Structure, Cultural Norms,
  •     Economic Structure, Natural Resources, Current Events
  •     Teamwork
  •     Expectations/Responsibilities
  •     Strategies for Sustainable Development
  •     U.S. Policies/    Work of NGOs
  •     Target Community Needs

Manage Trip Logistics/ Preparation
MBM will arrange airfare and hotel accommodations for each trip. Participants need to have a valid passport and picture ID.  Additional costs for visas will be included in trip expenses.  All monies are due 45 days before expected departure date  MBM will provide Pre-field orientation/On-field management. MBM will conduct a Debriefing Session.

Who  We Are

 Mexico and Dominican Republic

Kristy holds masters degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language and Global and International Education with a concentration in Educational Public Policy. She has been a public school educator for over 12 years and has taught classes at the post-secondary level. Currently, she is the Manager of Congregational Outreach for a non-profit organization that services immigrants and refugees nationwide. She has traveled to Mexico, South Africa and Guatemala serving developing communities and sponsoring trips for youth and adults to participate in community service projects. .

Ministry Beyond Myself, Inc. (MBM) is a registered 501c3 in the state of Maryland.  EIN 26-1575973.  Beyond C2 is a registered DBA of MBM.​

What  We're Doing

Meet the Executive Director:

Kristy Herring

​​Traveling to Mexico and serving the people in that developing community transformed my thinking and begin to shape me as a globally competent individual . Global service learning projects offer academic experiences that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Exploring firsthand the cultural, economic, social and political structures of other nations will afford youth and adults the opportunity to develop their global consciousness in an authentic fashion.  

We support developing communities because local governments lack the resources to meet the needs of every family. It takes the commitment and hard work of non-governmental agencies and selfless individuals just like us to work alongside community members to bring hope, transformation,  and sustainability to a community marked by poverty and despair. 

ministry BEYOND myself

We offer annual trips to La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

and....Why We Do What We Do

 When / Where We Travel

April  2018 - Dominican Republic

June 2018- Mexico

 To actively engage youth and adults in local and global acts of service that  support the
social,  economic and spiritual growth of men, women and children  in  developing  communities.


 By ensuring that churches and other community organizations are aware of  local and  global  issues providing cross-cultural and civic engagement training  to  individuals and  groups offering​ trans-  local and cross-cultural service opportunities and engaging families  and community organizations in  collaborative  relationships with community leaders in  developing regions.