​Kristy holds masters degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language and Global and International Education with a concentration in Educational Policy. She has been a public school educator for over 12 years and has taught classes at the post-secondary level. Currently, she is the Manager of Congregational Outreach for a non-profit organization that services immigrants and refugees nationwide. She has traveled to Mexico, Dominican Republic, South Africa and Guatemala serving developing communities and sponsoring trips for youth and adults to participate in community service projects. 

Board Officers

Lois Anderson- Board Chair

As the Executive Director of Polished Arrow, Inc., and a committed proponent of everyday leadership, Lois Anderson has the ability to meet the training and development needs of profit and nonprofit organizations. Our leadership team is fortunate to have her expertise and passion for developing leaders as we seek to execute the mission of MBM with fidelity. Lois  holds a MA in Organizational Leadership and an International Certification with The John Maxwell Team. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Leadership.  

​Felicia Brooks- Vice Chair

She is  an IT Manager for a large Chicago based law firm.  She also serves as the Asset Manager for the firm's domestic and international offices. Felicia has a heart for service. She has served locally and internationally on projects that have supported educational development. She is the founder of Judah International and is a phenomenal worship leader.

Martha Piedrasanta- Secretary

Martha has worked in Latin America managing USAID-USG funded programs. She has experience in monitoring and evaluation, analyzing qualitative and quantitative data as well as proposal writing.  Martha is skilled at culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate communication/relationship building. We are excited to have her as a part of our team. 

Ministry Beyond Myself, Inc. (MBM) is a registered 501c3 in the state of Maryland.  EIN 26-1575973.  Beyond C2 is a registered DBA of MBM.​

Helping women start small businesses
All she ever wanted was to have her own convenience store where she could sell things to the community at affordable prices. It was a dream she never thought would materialize until she shared her  dream with us. Ministry Beyond Myself responded with training and financial support. We are still providing support to ensure the long-term success of the store.

Providing children with an education
 A few weeks after we met Nelson, he, along with 22 other children that lived in the children's home in the Dominican Republic were kicked out of school.  The director of the orphanage could not afford to pay the school fees and the school could no longer allow the children to come without payment. As soon as we were notified, we began to share Nelson's story and the story of his friends with local families who wanted to help get the children back in school.  Since 2016, through an educational sponsorship program we have sent him and all of the youth in the children's home to school.         


Investing in young adults

Mirlange lived in a Haitian orphanage most of her life. When she became an adult, she moved to the children's home in the Dominican Republic to help take care of the children there. However, she desired to go to dental school. With the help of  MBM and some committed sponsors, Mirlange enrolled in the dental program at Universidad UHFEC in Santo Domingo. She has one year left and she will be a registered orthodontist.  She will not only be able to provide for herself, but she has committed to help support the children in the orphanage. 

Financing Community - Based Projects 

In 2017, one of the landowners gifted a parcel of land to the local church.  They immediately knew what they wanted to do with it-plant avocado, lime, and orange trees. This would not only be a source of food for the community but, it would also be a source of income for those who worked the land.  With the support of local partners, MBM purchased 140 trees and provided the finances to create a irrigation system. I can't describe the excitement, when we saw water!

Transforming  developing communities one at a time ....

Meet the Founder & Executive Director:

Kristy Herring

​​​Ministry Beyond Myself is built on RELATIONSHIP. It's about giving our all to children and families in developing communities. It's about supporting projects that ensure children get a quality education and  that communities develop. It's about giving our best. We are not looking for photo-ops "feel good moments" or pats on the back. We are not just giving you something to do for the summer- so we are not painting buildings that have already been painted this year, playing with children who really aren't orphans or trying to lay drywall when we have no home improvement skills.  We are listening to local leaders, working collaboratively and providing resources that are beneficial to the community.  Therefore, we engage individuals and non-governmental agencies who are like-minded and encourage them to join us in working alongside community members to help transform the lives of children and families who are not only in need, but with whom we want to build  RELATIONSHIP.

 When / Where We Serve

We offer annual trips to La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

 To stand with local partners to ensure access to quality PK-12 education for all children and to support economic development in low-income
 communities worldwide.


  By fostering collaborative relationships with community stakeholders, we will build sustainable communities where all children have access to quality education and economic growth prevails.  

and....Why We Are Different

​​​Providing Training to Build  Global Awareness
In order for organizations to do effective ministry, they must be globally aware. MBM is committed to preparing organizations to meet the needs of developing communities. We offer one day seminars, six week training modules and resource materials to organizations. Organizations can receive training in areas from Cross Cultural Communications to Volunteer Management.

Managing Trip Logistics/ Preparation
MBM will arrange airfare and hotel accommodations for each trip. Participants need to have a valid passport and picture ID.  Additional costs for visas will be included in trip expenses.  All monies are due 45 days before expected departure date.  MBM will provide Pre-field orientation/On-field management. MBM will also conduct a debriefing session.

Who  We Are

 Mexico and Dominican Republic

What We're Doing

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