ministry BEYOND myself

The Program

Participants engage in a 6-session course on the following topics:

1) Outreach vs. Community Engagement

2) Relationship Building: How to Build Relationship Virtually

3) Collaborations/ Partnership/ Shared Leadership

4. Culture and Linguistics-Embracing the Culture

5. Social Issues

6. Civic Engagement

Extension : 1. Grantwriting 101   2. Innercise -Spiritual and Mental Health


This is a 6-session virtual intensive that meets weekly.  Each two-hour session requires independent/ collaborative work outside of the virtual classroom. The next session: Spring 2021.


The information session and the course are virtual. The webinar and classes are synchronous. Participation in community online forums are required.

The challenges that face communities throughout nation will take a collective effort. Churches cannot tackle the issues successfully in isolation. The Great Connection ensures that churches are engaging in a collective effort to meet the needs of the community. It will require that the church and all other organizations abandon their individual agendas so that the larger community benefits from the program.  There must be cross-sector coordination around a common agenda.

The Great Connection

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Pastors and their congregations often live outside of the communities where they worship. Congregants commute weekly rarely connecting with community members resulting in a missed opportunity for the local church to live out the Great Commission and to serve and support those in critical need. The church could assist government and other nonprofit agencies in providing support to residents. However, it will require an evaluation of the church’s approach to community engagement and the  congregants’ desire to  become intimately involved in the life of the community. True relationship development is key for the success of this type of program. MBM, through The Great Connection, will assist congregations in building relationships with their neighbors-families, schools, government agencies, private businesses and other nonprofits – in order to form a collective that works to address the social needs of families within the community. 

Congregations cannot do this alone..this has to be a concerted effort. We are building a hub where each of us can come and get the resources that we need and that our communities need.  The Great Connection (TGC) is a program of Ministry Beyond Myself- a 501c3 registered in Maryland. TGC was created to help churches build relationships within communities. Churches that become intimately involved in the life of their community can join other stakeholders in supporting transformation.