June 3-7, 2017


JULY 15-21, 2017



La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon Mexico is an ejido (village) of approximately 600 families. It is located about 3 1/2 hours from the southern tip of Texas in northern Mexico. Mexico is considered a middle income country, yet many of its families still live in abject poverty. The ongoing drug war has greatly impacted balanced economic growth in this country. La Haciendita is an underdeveloped community. There are few paved roads and many families lack indoor amenities. The closest grocery store or hospital is 45 minutes away. There are few opportunities for employment in this area forcing the men to look for work in other parts of Mexico or the United States.Our focus in this community is micro-businesses and increasing educational opportunities for youth and adults.


Before leaving participants will plan a schedule of activities for two-three community health fairs and  collect supplies, games and literature for the events. Participants will also raise funds to purchase a water tower that will be used to irrigate the orange grove that will provide local work some of the men in the community.   Once there, participants will host the community health fairs,  work alongside community members renovating homes and common areas as well as engaging in youth activities. This trip also offers opportunity for church ministry. Participants will stay in dormitory style housing. 

ipala, chiquimula, guatemala

Ipala, Chiquimula Guatemala is a small town 3 hours north of Guatemala City.  Many have sought refuge there from the violence of the nation’s capital. Ipala’s families can tell you stories of a brother or sister, aunt or uncle who has been kidnapped or decapitated as a result of the vicious drug war.  However, Ipala is a peaceful and safe place. It’s only problem is that many of its people live in abject poverty. Families sell anything from water in a zip-lock bag to pencils to earn an income.  The economy is struggling and the local government has the overwhelming task of just trying to maintain the infrastructure on a limited budget. As such, the educational system, among other things, is neglected not because of negligence on the part of the local government but because the funding just isn’t available.   There were no textbooks or supplies for the teachers or students.  There were not enough desk and chairs and what was available was dilapidated. The facilities lacked running water and working toilets.  Classes were over-crowded and teachers were often not present. MBM has partnered with a fee- based school  Colegio Adventista "el Sinai". Our goal is to ensure that all of it students have access to a quality education.


Before  leaving the US, teams would be involved in planning and engaging in fundraisers to garnish financial support to purchase textbooks, instructional posters, desks, chairs, work tables and school supplies.  Once there, teams will engage in classroom activities: teaching, tutoring, room renovations, recess games, lunch service or providing office support. During down times participants will have the opportunity to spend time with the Guatemalan people and community leaders to learn  about Ipala's culture, social, political and economic structures. Participants stay in a local motel where meals are provided. Guatemala is a beautiful country to see and experience.


Dominican Republic (DR) shares the island of Hispanola with the poorest country in the western hemisphere Haiti.  Many Haitian migrants have settled in the DR straining an already challenged economy. Santo Domingo is the capital and the largest city in the DR. Many people have moved to this urban area in search  of employment trying to escape the  extreme poverty of the rural areas. While there we will meet with school leaders and the board members of the orphanage to brainstorm ways  to effectively assist with the long term growth and effectiveness  of each institution. 

This is our first trip to the DR, so during this trip, we will meet with school leaders and the board members of the orphanage to brainstorm ways  to effectively assist with the long term growth and effectiveness  of each institution. Participants will stay in a local motel in close proximity to the orphanage. 

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