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    Our Services

Global Awareness

In order for the church to do effective ministry, it must be globally aware. MBM is committed to preparing churches to meet the 21st century needs of the global community. We offer one day seminars, six week training modules and resource materials to churches and para-church ministries.

Train & Equip Missionaries/Project Participants

Participants will receive training in the following areas:

  •     21st Century Missions
  •     Cross Cultural Communication
  •     World Religions
  •     Target Country-History, Political Structure, Cultural Norms,
  •     Economic Structure, Natural Resources, Current Events
  •     Teamwork
  •     Expectations/Responsibilities
  •     Strategies for Sustainable Development
  •     U.S. Policies/    Work of NGOs
  •     Target Community Needs

Trip Logistics/ Preparation

  •     MBM will arrange airfare and hotel accommodations for each trip
  •     Participants need to have a valid passport and picture ID.
  •     Additional costs for visas will be included in trip expenses.
  •     All monies are due 45 days before expected departure date
  •     MBM will provide Pre-field orientation/On-field management
  •     MBM will conduct a Debriefing Session.

In Country-Service Projects

  •     Develop leadership skills among grassroots leaders and heads of households
  •     Provide training in technical skills
  •     Promote quality education
  •     Provide remedial education for high school drop-outs
  •     Offer heath education seminars
  •     Supporting micro-business
  •     Establishing Peer-Lending Groups/Fair Trade Opportunities
  •     Training in Innovative Farming Techniques
  •     Development of Sponsorship Programs for Orphans