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not orphans is an educational sponsorship program to provide access to uninterrupted quality education to orphaned and vulnerable children in La Haciendita, Mexico, and Maryland. This program runs with the support of sponsors who make one-time monthly donations. Sponsorship has allowed us to pay monthly school fees and annual registration, purchase books, uniforms, shoes, and school supplies, ensure internet access, provide curriculum, purchase air conditioning units, and make repairs at the Emilio Carranza school so that the students can attend and receive instruction.  To become a sponsor, visit our Donate page. 


Para La Comunidad provides educational, economic, and healthcare support to the rural community of La Haciendita. We have partnered with Lily of the Valley Church,  Emilio Carranza Primary School, Jardin de Ninos -Kindergarten School and the CSR Santa Isabel y Dolores Clinic. La Haciendita's population has dwindled over the years as families have moved to urban areas seeking jobs and better opportunities for their children, Those who remain, desire to improve their economic and social status. We stand with them to support initiatives that will transform the community and promote sustainable development.  ​ .


Organizations are not taking a systems-thinking approach to address social change, as such communities are not improving. A disconnect exists between nonprofit organizations (like the church) and the community. The church is on the brink of becoming irrelevant in the community. Yet the community needs the support and voice of the church more than ever- not just spiritually, but socially...practically. Pastors and their congregations often live outside of the communities where they worship. Congregants commute weekly rarely connecting with community members resulting in a missed opportunity for the local church to serve and support those in critical need. The church/other nonprofits  could assist government agencies in providing support to residents in low-ncome neighborhoods. However, it will require an evaluation of the organization’s approach to community engagement, examination of the work of other organizations and a desire to  become intimately involved in the life of the community. Organizations are failing to meet the needs of the communities that they claim to serve. There is a duplication of programs in many communities (e.g. food pantries) and true needs are not being addressed. True relationship development is key for the success of this type of program. MBM, through The Great Connection, will assist organizations in building relationships with their neighbors-families, schools, government agencies, private businesses and other nonprofits – in order to form a collective that takes a systems thinking approach to address the social needs of families within the community.

not orphans


The Great Connection


Becoming a BEYONDER is a movement towards legacy. To go beyond means that  we must be willing to do something outside of the scope of the ordinary. MBM  is committed to leaving a legacy by establishing work that is transformative and sustainable long-term.  To this end, we will partner with others who are legacy builders.

We ARE Legacy Builders

Where We Work 

La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and Maryland



Support Education, Healthcare and Economic Development

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